11-5 ''Are you excited?''

We just elected country's first black President. I have made it clear he is not my choice, but I am excited about the significance of this event. I've said this before, in spite of what many people claim, Americans don't see color for the most part. I often pointed towards ''American Idol'' as the example of how America views race. The cattle has pushed thru white women, black men, black women, white men, mixed race, fat people, gays (well close, Clay Aiken was 2nd), etc. They have often pushed through the most talented, but they have also often pushed through the personalities (i.e. That 'Soul Patrol' guy who looked 60 and then was dropped by his label before the end of the year). If you want to distinguish the American Idol voter from the Presidential electorate then you are naïve. Every presidential election from today until I die will be about charisma. Our next President has tons of it.

So if we struggle economically through the next 4-8 years, the Republicans will blame Obama and the Democrats will blame the Bush administration. We will learn nothing.

However, we will be progressive. We will have taken a big step. Maybe an even bigger step than the civil rights movement of the 60's. This is good. I voted for a black man for President twice and the Senate twice. All four times they lost. I guess I didn't vote for the ''right'' black guys.

Here's the thing, I want to be wrong about this choice. I am not interested in saying ''I told you so'', I am interested in this country thriving. Congratulations, Mr. President.

You have a Democratic Senate, a Democratic HOR and the Presidency. No excuses. You have 4 years to see if this works.

I'm performing at RiRa tonight. I saw that Rory Scovel and Ryan Conner are on the show. It will be cool to see those guys.

I just watched the movie 'Streets of Fire' last night. Here's who's in the cast:

Diane Lane, Willem Dafoe, Amy Madigan, Rick Moranis and Bill Paxton...Also, Robert Townsend and Ed Begley Jr.

It may be one of the worst movies of all time. Granted, Ed Begley and Robert Townsend aren't exactly setting the world on fire right now, but there were legitimate actors in this film. Among these actor's are multiple Oscar nominations, Golden Globe awards, Emmys, etc. Every one of them are household names. Well, maybe not Amy Madigan, but anyone who sees her knows her immediately. She's Uncle Buck's girlfriend and also has been nominated for an Acadeny Award.

Did anyone actually read the script?

Here's the irony. With all of these names, none of those actors were the lead. That role goes to Michael Paré. You may remember him from...wow, I just read his IMDB page, pretty shitty.

Please understand I AM recommending this movie. It is hilarious. How do they make Dafoe look like such a pussy? Wasn't this guy the Green Goblin, Nosferatu and Jesus. In this movie, he looks like Brian Setzer and Kate Pierson had a gay son. Luckily 2 years after 'Streets of Fire' he was in 'Platoon' and was able to be more selective about the movie roles he took.

Rick Moranis plays the comic relief, but you won't laugh one time. He is funny and is a great comedic actor (Parenthood, Little Shop of Horrors), but in this film he says stuff like:

Rick Moranis Character: ''Take it easy, Cody.''
Michael Paré Character: ''I'll take it where I can get it.''

Diane Lane sings a number at the end, kind of tying everything up in a nice bow. 80's movie rock is the 2nd worst music of all time (for #1 see contemporary country). She wants the Michael Paré character to go with her, but he's a loner and it's not in his nature. So he hops in the car with Amy Madigan (who is a butch, female, mercenary sidekick) and she says the following:

''Some people that never talk about their feelings got 'em deeper than anybody. Other people never talk about their feelings 'cause they ain't got any.''

Then they drive off while Winston Ford (who?) sings ''I Can Dream About You''.

By the way, ''I Can Dream About You'' was a huge hit by Dan Hartman. It reached #6 on the hot 100. However, as was typical in this film, they decided to use a inferior version of the song. Again, this version was sung by Winston Ford who you may remember from other hits such as...just kidding, this guy was never heard from before or since. In addition, they had some Actor (Stoney Jackson) lip-sync the song for the movie.

I believe it is my second favorite shitty movie. The number one shitty movie of course, 'Roadhouse'...The 'Citizen Cane' of shit.