8-15 ''Stuff I did and will do''

For those of you who aren't aware of this item falling in the ''worst kept secret category'', I will be co-hosting a radio show weekday nights (7pm-12pm) slated to start September 17th. It didn't move along as quickly as initially anticipated, but the particulars have finally been nailed down. My co-host has been chosen and has accepted the offer. His name is Theo and he's out of Champagne, Illinois. He looks to be my exact opposite in both appearance and lifestyle (tattooed, piercings, etc.), but appears to have a similar sense of humor and seems to be a really cool guy.

I will also be doing Ravens postgame on 98 Rock.. My first broadcast will be after the second game (September 16th). The first game is a Monday night game and they will not be doing postgame.

My brother and I have been doing remote interviews trying to build a bank of clips for the show. It has been a blast. We've only done two so far (Sci-Fi convention and Harry Potter book release), but I'm pretty happy with the results considering these are our first two attempts.

Here is my favorite clip from the Sci-Fi convention.

And a random one from the Harry Potter thing.

This past weekend we did the Horror convention which was a blast. I'll get some of the clips up here as soon as they are available.

Most people reading this know I am organizing and hosting the Funniest Person in Baltimore competition. I don't think anyone would ever run it two years in a row, but let me give you the pros and cons:


-I have not been at the open mics in a couple of months. So I have had a chance to see some of the up and comers (i.e. Jason Weems) and some people who I have seen before, but have significantly improved (i.e. Sonny Fuller)

-I get stage time every week. I don't know how long this will last. I am not taking any one nighters or doing any open mics so I really enjoy knowing that I'll get 20 or so minutes each week no matter what.

-I get to see some of the comics that I haven't seen since the start of my ''hiatus''.

-I get to talk comedy, which is my favorite subject by far, with people who like to talk about the same thing.

-I see a ton of fresh faces who have yet to be jaded by this business. Performing on this show is a treat to them, not a chore. I get to see some of them succeed for the first time. If you've ever done comedy you know that getting laughs that first time justifies you, gives you affirmation. ''I knew I could do it.'' I love seeing that.


-People insist on shitting on me and the contest. Here's the thing, no one leaves a contest happy except the winner and sometimes not even him/her.

-I watch hours of shitty comedy.

-The egos on some of these ''comics'' are unbelievable. Show up on time, listen to me talk for 30 seconds, do your time and leave. It is so simple. You are entitled to nothing, because so little is required of you.




-People that say their going to bring 25 people and bring 2