9-1 ''The World's Ugliest Cheerleader''

So Tuesday Hillary spoke at the Democratic National convention. She had one responsibility and that was to undo all the damage she had done to the Obama candidacy during her campaign. She had 18 million people vote for her and they needed to ''believe'' in this new candidate.

Now, after the speech, you could go on any news channel and hear the Dems say how wonderful it was and hear the Republicans explain how it was all fluff. I hate her, so if you don't believe I am being objective that's fair. However, I truly believe she did Obama a disservice.

First of all, she spent her entire campaign explaining how unprepared Obama was to lead and how Obama lacked the experience necessary to hold this office. She shouted this for 8 months in a particularly nasty campaign (nasty from her side, I thought Obama ran a pretty classy campaign as he continues to do against McCain). These arguments are always flimsy, if you have years of experience people will claim you are ''jaded'' and part of the machine. Either way, she needed to explain that she was wrong and why she was wrong.

i.e. ''During my campaign I said that Barack Obama was X, Y and Z. I was incorrect because of A, B and C. That is why he has my support and why you should vote for him come November.''

Not, ''He has my support and you should vote for him come November.''

She had to undo the damage she did. Without explanation, saying that she is rallying behind the guy that she smeared for 8 months is worthless. EVERYONE knew she was going to support him if she didn't get the nomination. He would have done the same if it were reversed, but what about all the shit she said about him being ''unqualified''? Why is he now qualified? All the people who complimented her for her speech already like her, are already voting for Obama, or both.

I just heard a statistic that 30% of Hillary supporters are voting for McCain. Statistics-staschmistics, but if this is anywhere near true that's real bad for Obama.

The Republicans are explaining why her 25 minute speech was all about Hillary. Whatever, people speak from their own point-of-view. They draw analogies out of their own experience. Sure there was a little too much ''me'' in there, but that is nit-picking. Republicans don't need to nit-pick. They should be thrilled. She couldn't have done a better job for McCain if he wrote the speech himself. They should probably have her give this speech again at the Republican National convention.

Also, why am I always being told that people who raise their voice at the end of a sentence and say those last few words with conviction are good public speakers? They're not. I see good public speakers every week. Those are the people that make you feel like you are not being preached or read to. Those are the people where you can't distinguish between the way that they talk in regular conversation versus the way they speak from the podium. People want to feel like they are part of what you are doing; they want to trust you. They don't want to feel manipulated. There is no better way to avoid this than by speaking exactly the way Hillary Clinton did. I am positive I'll hear the exact same style at the RNC. I hate it. Agreeing with someone does not automatically make them a ''great speaker''.

I just watched Obama's speech at the DNC. Nice job.

Finally, can all you candidates (Pubs and Dems) quit telling these bullshit stories about some person you met during you campaigning and how this person's plight somehow validates your platform:

''I was talking to Sally Johnson from Smithville, Idaho and she is a single mother of 8. She is putting herself through school at night and works at a produce stand during the day...''

These words are meaningless. When a 6'4'' power forward is drafted by an NBA team the analysts will undoubtedly compare him to Charles Barkley. However, one time it was Charles Barkley and the other 500 times they suck. I'm not interested in the fact that a candidate can site an instance where someone would benefit from their view on policy. I want you to speak of its effect on the country. I will weigh what you say and form my own opinion.